Tips to Overcome Obstacles to Getting Active as You age

Tips to Overcome Obstacles to Getting Active as You age

“When you Stop Living at work and Start working at Living is called” Retirement”.

Is it essential to stay Active? Can I stay Active at this age? I am retired. Now I will take rest. I need not have the same schedule, do I?



If you feel that you have been retired from your work and you do not need to do any other activities and can take rest whole day, please do it. However, post one week, you will start feeling bored and will not get enough sleep too.

Keeping yourself active (mind and body) post retirement helps us to continue to live independently and enjoy life longer.

Challenges to Stay Active for Older Adults and how to Overcome the same?

1) Chronic health issues are a major obstacle to successful retirement.

2) Physical activity has an array of mental and physical health benefits despite our age, gender or nationality. The major challenge is your body might not support for physical activities/exercises or cycling, swimming.

3) Falls are common for older people resulting in fractures or serious injuries. Weekly exercise class, yoga or aerobics class will help overcome these challenges.

4) Sedentary behavior is associated with an increased risk of diabetes, heart attack and stroke. The older we get, muscles, bones and tissues become weak, the wear and tear of body is at an increasing pace. Physical activity helps overcome these.

5) Your brain is like your body and needs to be kept active. Our muscles become weak as we age, the nerve connections is at a slower pace which results in memory loss or dementia. Participating in leisure activities such as playing sudoku, solving crosswords, chess helps overcome the same.

Few key Tips to ascertain you stay Active:

1) Visit your bucket list of activities you always wanted to do.

2) Choose and Prioritize at least 2 tasks you could not do pre-retirement.

3) Plan well to achieve your travel goals.

4) Create a daily schedule and ensure you incorporate those 2 activities. For eg: you wanted to read newspaper thoroughly for 4 hours and make your own notes. Please do so.

5) Pursue your left-out hobbies. For e.g.- If you wanted to learn guitar, please join a guitar class and work on yourself.

6) Social Connect/Volunteering. Try calling up your old friends or social communities you always were a part of but not much active in meeting up. Volunteer for the community you are a part of.

7) Create a Gratitude Journal and before bed be thankful for having a nice family, friends or for being as healthy as you are.

8) Stay Updated and read more. Staying updated with current affairs and reading your favourite genre will boost your confidence and help you in interacting with all age groups.

9) Registering yourself for Physical Exercise is vital. As per your age, body type and physical condition register yourself for a weekly yoga aerobics or gymnasium classes to ensure you stay physically active.

10) Connect with your grandchildren or extended family: Phone calls or regular visits to your near and dear ones keeps you mentally active.



Staying Active during Retirement counts. It gives a Sense of Purpose to your life. It paves way for young ones in your family to follow you and live a happy, healthy and long life. Taking care of ourselves is equally important to taking care of others.

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