Five Myths about activity and aging

Five Myths about activity and aging

 “Do not regret growing older. It’s a privilege denied to many”

While aging is a natural process among all, we all dread of the ambiguity of it. Being exposed to misconceptions about growing old certainly does not help either. Here are five such myths that you should stop believing immediately:

1) Aging does not help producing new cells: A recent study revealed new cells were formed in the brains of adults as old as 79. However, the common scenario observed is a cognitive decline in older adults-the reason for which may be attributed to the lack of blood flow, according to the researchers. Hence, it is recommended to be engaged in physical activities and staying intellectually active.

2) Exercise is unsafe for Older Adults: There’s a powerful myth that getting older means getting decrepit. It’s not true. “Some people in their 70s, 80s, and 90s are out there running marathons and becoming body-builders.” Older adults too, require regular exercise with adequate precautions to reduce the risk of falls, prevent bone and muscle loss, improve symptoms of existing problems like diabetes, and more.

3) Habits doesn’t Matter but Genetics Do: How you live your life, what you consume, and most importantly how you think has more of an impact than genes. Genetics do impact our health but more important is how you bring about a change with your personal food, health regime. It is more based on your thinking pattern, the environment you live in and your lifestyle. This myth that habits and lifestyle won’t affect much since genetics matter needs to be busted.

4) Lack of Interest in Sex: According to the latest survey on Aging, majority of older adults from the 65-80 age group believe sex is important to their quality of life. Nearly two-thirds of respondents reported being interested in sex. Medical conditions might prevail with the usage of medication and age-related health problems. However, they can be taken care of in addition to individual’s experience combined with increased intensity causing a rise in sexual satisfaction as they get older.

5) Older Adults are more prone to Depression: According to psychiatrists, depression during old age is often caused by loss. “Loss of near and dear ones such as friends, loss of identity (they related/identified themselves with) due to retirement” contributes to loss of physical vigor and affects their cognitive mindset thereby resulting in cognitive decline. However, this is not the sign of aging as this occurs in youngsters too. By seeking help and getting screened for depression, older adults can receive support and live a much more active and happy life.

Life gives chances if you have a vision to look at it. Old age is just another phase as it was before. The common myths debunked gives you another chance to begin once more and write a new chapter and live life the way you wish to. TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE and BE HAPPY.

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